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Holder of a MSc in Informatics Engineering with great interest in innovation and security issues - an area that I am interested in ever since I can remember. I am driven by opportunities of finding breakthrough ideas and developing them. I split my free time exploring the Android Platform and surfing some waves, whenever I get the chance.

Random Geek Stuff

Used to work with different programming languages
→ (Quote: When you know one, you know them all.)
I’m (still) finding my way around Hardware world
Always looking for new challenges
Music Lover
Calvin and Hobbes Reader
User and Administrator
Like to "break" software
Manager and Event Planner

Conferences and Meetings

★ Participant in Sapo Codebits 2008
→ Programming Contest: Copyright Check
★ Participant in Sapo Codebits 2009
→ Programming Contest: Codebits em 15 Segundos
★ Participant in Just4Meeting 2011
★ Participant in Chaos Communication Camp 2011
→ Contributor with a Mini Chat l0dable for R0ket project approved and integrated in official R0ket tree since 08-2011
★ Speaker in Security Meeting 2011
"Forensics Analysis: 101 through sharing of experiences"
★ Participant in Sapo Codebits 2011
→ Qualified for the Security Competition 2011
→ Programming Contest: Kinect Multitouch Screen
Sapo Codebits 2012
→ Qualified for the Security Competition 2012
★ Exhibition Visitor in Mobile World Congress 2013
★ Participant in BruCON 0x05
★ Speaker in BSides Lisbon 2013
"The Evildroid" (Slides and Demo Video)
★ Participant in Ripple Conference 2014
★ Participant in Sapo Codebits 2014
→ Qualified for the Security Competition 2014
★ Speaker in Rumos Web Application Tech Sessions
"The Gentle Art of Making Secure Software" (Slides)
★ Participant in Hack in Paris 2014
★ Participant in 44CON 2014
★ Speaker in OWASP Cluj-Napoca 2015
"I Didn't See That Coming" (Slides)
★ Speaker in SINFO22 2015
"The Gentle Art of Making Secure Software 2.0" (Slides)
★ Participant in OWASP AppSecEU 2015
★ Participant in Porto TechHub 2015
★ Participant in BSides Lisbon 2015
★ Participant in Chaos Communication Camp 2015
★ Participant in Porto Cyber Security Conference 2016
★ Participant in DEF CON 24
★ Speaker in PixelsCamp 2016
"Web Security 101 - Things that can make a difference." (Slides and Video)
★ Speaker in DevSecCon 2016
"Security in the wild" (Slides and Video)
★ Participant in BSides Lisbon 2016
★ Speaker in GDG DevFest Coimbra 2016
"Web Security 101"
★ Speaker in Hello World 2017
"Get the Basics Right!" (Slides)
★ Participant in OWASP AppSecEU 2017
★ Speaker in C-Days 2017
"Browsers - For Better or Worse"
★ Speaker in DevOps Porto #6
"Security in the wild" (Slides)
★ Participant in BruCON 0x09
★ Speaker in Institute of Electronics and Informatics Engineering of Aveiro (Seminar 2018)
"Browsers - For Better or Worse 1.1"
★ Participant in TECHinPORTO 2018
★ Speaker in PTM Conf 2018
"Security in the wild - Being at the top of the food chain" (Slides)
★ Participant in C-Days 2018
★ Participant in BruCON 0x0A
★ Speaker in OWASP Bucharest AppSec Conference 2018
"Browsers - For Better or Worse ... 1.5" (Slides)
★ Speaker in GDG DevFest Coimbra 2018
"OWASP Top 10 - Awareness and Hands-on Training"
★ Participant in BSides Lisbon 2018
★ Speaker in Typeof Conference 2019
"Browsers - For better or worse ... 2.0" (Slides)
★ Speaker in IV Conference on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime - IPVC
"Web Security Foundations!" (Slides)
★ Participant in WarCon 2019
★ Participant in TECHinPORTO 2019
★ Speaker in CureCon 2019
"Surf's Up!"

Reported Security Vulnerabilities



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